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Train @ Manchester Academy – 6th May 2012

I went to see train in concert at the Academy in Manchester last night (Sunday).

Of course I had to take a camera with me!

As much as I’d love to be an official photographer for events such as this I should point out that in this case I was merely another fan with a camera.

Although I was just using my compact camera (Canon powershot A710is) I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how it handled the tricky task of shooting in these conditions πŸ˜€

As usual click through the picture for more photos.

I’ve also posted a video on youtube of the band (with supporting acts Matt Nathanson and Elle King alongside all their roadies/techs) performing a tribute to the late Beastie boys founder Adam Yauch.


NDH @ Alwinton – Race run 1

photos from the first race run at Alwinton. click image for full set as usual


Northern Downhill 2012, round 1 @ Alwinton

I finally made it to my first downhill event of the year today. Great to be back on the scene again πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll manage to make it to a few more events this year than I did last.

So, the event. Another fine production from the NDH team went off very smoothly for a first round of the season. The weather today was reasonably kind to us, with a few spots of rain here and there but never really coming to anything. The course on the otherhand was pretty muddy and throughout the day seemed to dry progrressively into a rather claggy mixture that I’m sure must’ve double the weight of the average DH bike by the time its pilot had wrestled it down the hill to the finish!

The eventual winner of the event was Elite rider Adam Brayton who blasted the course, posting 2:13 rides for both runs and beating his nearest rival (Jack Reading) by an impressive 9 and 5 seconds in respective runs.

That’s all for now. I’ll be posting more photos of the event over the coming days so keep an eye on this blog for more info. As usual, I’ll also be posting photos on and

Oh one last thing, I’d like to say thanks again to the wonderful chaps MTB Cut for supplying me with a brand new Lowepro Flipside 400 aw camera backpack. I won the bag just before christmas but today has been it’s first outing at an MTB event. I’d highly recomment this bag (or its new big brother the 500aw). It holds my (admittedly limited) gear without fuss and is more than comfortable for wearing all day on the hill. Plus there’s the added advantage that, as it’s a rear loading bag, if you do have to put it down to access any equipment you don’t have plonk the back and harness in the mud! Bonus! Cheers guys!


Yvette Mattern’s – olympic Global Rainbow – Whitley bay

Over the last few nights the skies over North tyneside have been lit up by Artist Yvette Mattern’s ‘Global Rainbow’ art installation.

Featuring 7 high powered lasers, 1 for each colour of the rainbow the light beams stretch from St Mary’s Lighthouse, across the bay to the old Spanish City building and can still be seen some 30 odd miles away in Teeside towns such Stockton and Peterlee!

My girlfriend and I joined the hoards of photographers to capture this unique photo opportunity and generally have a bit of fun trying out different exposures and effects.

Photo ID 16 - Yvette Mattern - olympic Global Rainbow - Whitley bay

Tonight (sunday) is the last night the Global Rainbow will be visible over Tyneside as it moves on to Preston in Lancashire next week and finally Northern Ireland in time to celebrate St Patrick’s day.

for more info and updates visit their facebook page at


Rising sun country park, Newcastle

As it’s my Girlfriend’s Birthday today we decided to have a day out at the Rising Sun Country Park, near us in Newcastle.

Although the weather was decidedly grey the place was still quite busy and the birds, and wildfowl were out in force.


my first attempt at photographing the moon

It was a lovely clear (but very cold) night here in Shiremoor last night so I thought I’d give photographing the moon a try. I’ve seen lots of photos over the last few days from a twitter contact so was eager to have a go myself.

Anyway this is the end result of first session. It took me a while to get the exposure pattern right (the moon is brighter than you think!) but I’m reasonably pleased with the end result here πŸ˜€


Welcome to the new and improved Matt Muir Photographyt site

Confused? Looks exactly the same? Thought so!
I’ve decided to move my blog from WordPress’ own servers to my own domain. This means I have a little more control about how the site looks and entries show up in search engines as instead of

I know it looks the same at the moment, but I hope to refresh the look of the site over the coming weeks, adding new features as I go.

And when my camera finally comes back from being repaired (I dropped it on to concrete paving slabs! Ouch!) I might even add some photos too (this is what this site is about after all)!




Merry Christmas!

Well, I’m almost at the end of my second year as a freelance photographer. All in all it’s not been a bad year. I’ve had photos in a few magazines and newspapers and have had some great feedback from people at events I’ve attended. I’ve not done half as much MTB photography as I’d hoped to this year but that was mostly down to finances and travel costs.

Hopefully next year will be different. On the cycling scene, I’ll be trying to make it to as many round of the british downhill series and making my annual trip up to Fort William for the UCI MTB world cup and possibly squeezing in some cyclo cross, road racing and time trailing events along the way (I might event manage to ride some races myself this next year!).

Outside of the cycling world, I’ll be doing my usual thing of taking photos of pretty much anything and everything. I’m still quite interested in doing some band/gig photography at some point too so if you’re in a band in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, feel free to send me an email.

Merry Christmas Everyone and all the best for 2012!



Farewell to the Glentress Hub

Glentress, October 2002, originally uploaded by

While spending a weekend away in the Scottish border with my girlfriend, parents, and grandad I took the chance to pay one last visit to the Glentress Hub Cafe before it closes its doors for the very last time next sunday (27th November).

While enjoying a well earned lunch at the cafe I began reminiscing about previous visits to Glentress. The day I took this photo stood out particularly as we had started the ride in dense fog and prepared ourselves for a cold, damp ride, devoid of scenery. Then, as can be seen in this photo we suddenly popped up out of the mist to be greeted by a beautiful autumnal morning which stayed with us for the rest of the day.

Like many people I’ll definitely miss the atmosphere at the hub cafe and hope that the new cafe (when it gets customers – this weekend it appeared that at least 90% of the customers chose the old familiar cafe!) will at least enjoy some of that atmosphere.

I’d also like to wish Tracy, Emma and all the team at The Hub the very best for the future (whatever it may hold) and Thank them for the work they’ve done to make Glentress what it is!

As I mentioned earlier, The Hub will close its doors next sunday but word is they hope to go out with a bang and are planning a rock (‘n’ roll) Sunday where riders are encourages to dress up as their favourite rock stars. Time to head for the hills and pay them one last visit?

More info on their Facebook Page


Cobalt Biodiversity park, North Tyneside

Today, I went out in search of a heron I’d seen a few times while walking the dog in the local biodiversity park.

As you may notice, I didn’t spot the heron but found a few other animals to point my camera at πŸ™‚