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Photo of the day #16 – Thistles on Dundee Law

Thistles on Dundee Law by
Thistles on Dundee Law, a photo by on Flickr.

It’s been a while since I posted a photo of the day on here. I’ve just come across a post by sony uk on facebook with a photo of my old phone – the Sony Ericsson k800i and it reminded me of some of the photos I’d taken with it and what a great camera it on it. I seem to remember this was one of the many occasions where the rechargeable batteries in my compact camera had given up on me so, as I was in a creative mood, decided to use my ‘backup camera’ instead.

In my opinion the 3.2 megapixel camera on this still way outshines the 5 megapixel offering on my latest phone (motorola defy for the geeks out there) which goes to show it’s not all about the megapixels!

Incidentally I’ve since discovered Energizer (or maplin) lithium AA batteries which are amazing – I honestly can’t remember the last time I changed the batteries in my compact camera. I’d also highly recommend them to anyone using external flashes for the same reason.


Photo of the day #15 – Grey Squirrel

It’s been a while since I put up a PotD so I thought I share this one taken over the weekend while staying with my parents.

I don’t get much chance to shoot (photographically!) wildlife so am really pleased with this shot, especially as it was taken through a closed window.


Photo of the day #14 – Sun Halo, Aguile du midi, Chamonix, France

I guess this could be classed as cheating today seeing as this photo is already on my flickr page (and at the top of this blog!). But I love this photo and felt is deserved it’s moment of glory as today’s PotD!

As the title suggests this was taken while I was on the Aguile Du Midi at the top of the Mont Blanc Cable Car. This was taken using my compact camera and I spotted this scene as we were just about to rush back to the cable car for our allotted trip back down. As a result I literally had about 30 seconds to compose and get the exposure right before rushing to catch up with my girlfriend and mum and dad (lead by mum in a altitude induced panic that we might miss our trip down!). Thankfully on reviewing the shots later I had managed to capture it exactly as I had seen it (3rd try lucky as i recall!) πŸ™‚


Photo of the day #13 – Inquisitive Sheep

This photo made me smile when I found it in my archives so I thought I’d share it.

It was taken ad Kilmahog, just outside Callander in Scotland. While out for a sightseeing drive we had pulled over to look at the map or something then, glancing out of the passenger window we were rather amused to find all the sheep lined up staring at us! Obviously I had to take a photo!


Photo of the day #12 – Spanish City, Whitley Bay

Another local landmark today. This is the dome at the ‘Spanish City’, formerly an open funfair situated in Whitley bay. As well as being a major local landmark the Spanish city was also mentioned in the Dire Straits song ‘Tunnel of Love’. Random Trivia, I know but I’m a bit of a fan of their music so found so obviously found that interesting and had to share it!

I love the glinting over the top of the dome, almost silhouetting the figure on top of the building, almost making the it appear more animated.


Photo of the day #11 – Pennan wave (2010)

Another topical photo today. Taken while I was on holiday in the North East of Scotland last October. Movie Buffs may recognise this (the Village of Pennan) as the location for the film ‘Local Hero’.

As I’m sure is a common occurrence in this village the waves were battering against the sea wall and even managing to hit the houses across the road! In this shot you can vaguely make out a line of washing next to the cream building at the right of the picture which one of the locals was hanging out as we arrived in the village. I’m hoping she wasn’t expecting them to dry!

I should add that this wasn’t only a slightly breezy day. I dread to think how bad the conditions have been in the village over the last 48 hours!


Photo of the day #10 – Air harp

I received my first photo of the day request over the weekend for this, another wedding themed photo. This was taken at my friends’ Claire and Marc’s wedding (a year ago yesterday. Happy Anniversary guys!) during a spot of dancefloor air guitar playing. Although technically this isn’t the most impressive of photos I really like the way all the men are rocking out while the bride appears to have forgone the traditional air guitar in favour of an ‘air harp’! Much more fitting for a bride I suppose!


Photo of the day #7 – Concorde, Scottish National Museum of Flight

A slightly Abstract image here.

Taken at the Scottish National Muesum of Flight at East Fortune, Near Edinburgh last year.

I took lots of pictures of Concorde but felt the static shots didn’t really do such a special plane justice so tried to add a sense of movement to this shot. I achieved this using a slow shutter speed (0.8 of a second) while simultaneously twisting the zoom ring through it’s entire range to give a motion blur. No photoshopping here except for a tiny bit of adjustment to the colours.

I realyl like the way that, despite the motion blur I have managed to keep some parts of the shot relatively sharp such as the rear landing gear.


Photo of the day #6 – St Mary’s Lighthouse, Old Hartley, North Tyneside

It’s a bit of a wild day here in Shiremoor! Still warm and sunny but very blustery.

This photo was taken in similar conditions (although much colder!) last October on a househunting trip before our move from Edinburgh to the North East.


Photo of the day #5 – The Martians, Edinburgh Fringe 2010

As this year’s Edinburgh Fringe drew to a close last night with the Annual firework display in Princes Street Gardens I thought I’d devote today’s photo to the Edinburgh Fringe. Sadly I wasn’t able to make it to the Festival this year so this photo is from 2010, while I was living in Edinburgh.

The Martians Are an Edinburgh based band and are regulars at the Fringe with their own brand of slightly eccentric street performances. Words don’t really do this band justice so get over to and see them for yourselves!