Monthly Archives: February 2012

surfers @ Blyth Beach

I took a trip out to Blyth last weekend to check out some colourful beach huts I’d seen from the road a few times. It turns out this is quite a popular spot among the local surfing community so thought I’d have a try at photographing them as I’d never had the opportunity before. Turns out even on my crop body my girlfriend’s 250mm lens isn’t quite long enough for this type of stuff. Yet another bit of equipment to the with list then!


Rising sun country park, Newcastle

As it’s my Girlfriend’s Birthday today we decided to have a day out at the Rising Sun Country Park, near us in Newcastle.

Although the weather was decidedly grey the place was still quite busy and the birds, and wildfowl were out in force.


my first attempt at photographing the moon

It was a lovely clear (but very cold) night here in Shiremoor last night so I thought I’d give photographing the moon a try. I’ve seen lots of photos over the last few days from a twitter contact so was eager to have a go myself.

Anyway this is the end result of first session. It took me a while to get the exposure pattern right (the moon is brighter than you think!) but I’m reasonably pleased with the end result here 😀