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Proudly sponsoring ‘One small step for charity’

Over the last few months I’ve been helping a friend, Helen with a challenge she has set herself to raise money for the British Paralympic Association. Helen has Cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Never one for an easy life (her previous fundraising events include a tandem parachute jump! Click here for the video) she has set herself a personal challenge to take as many steps using her walking frame between the 1st of January 2012 and the end of the London Paralympics on the 9th of September 2012. Since starting this Challenge she has managed a rather impressive 2603 steps! I should add that, apart from transferring to and from her wheelchair, the last time Helen did any proper walking was when she was at school which makes her achievements so far all the more impressive.

As well as providing support through organising and paying for a web domain for the event ( I have had the privilege of being there for almost every one of those 2600+ steps as the ‘official’ photograpger/videographer (and regular Chauffeur!).

Today’s walking trip took us to Royal Quays outlet village and the Beacon centre in North shields. Normally when out walking she can manage up to 100 steps (depending on how her muscle spasms etc are on that day) but today she amazed both myself and her Husband (and step counter!) by managing 259 steps!

Helen walking as Royal Quays outlet village earlier on today

If you want to follow Helen’s progress or sponsor her you can do so on Facebook , Twitter or her blog at

The One small step team relaxing with a cuppa after a walking session!

I hope to carry on providing photographic support to Helen throughout her challenge and wish her the best of luck in reaching her target of 13,000 steps (13,000ft is the height at which she threw herself from a perfectly serviceable aircraft, strapped to a highly trained lunatic on her previous fundraising attempt).


Yvette Mattern’s – olympic Global Rainbow – Whitley bay

Over the last few nights the skies over North tyneside have been lit up by Artist Yvette Mattern’s ‘Global Rainbow’ art installation.

Featuring 7 high powered lasers, 1 for each colour of the rainbow the light beams stretch from St Mary’s Lighthouse, across the bay to the old Spanish City building and can still be seen some 30 odd miles away in Teeside towns such Stockton and Peterlee!

My girlfriend and I joined the hoards of photographers to capture this unique photo opportunity and generally have a bit of fun trying out different exposures and effects.

Photo ID 16 - Yvette Mattern - olympic Global Rainbow - Whitley bay

Tonight (sunday) is the last night the Global Rainbow will be visible over Tyneside as it moves on to Preston in Lancashire next week and finally Northern Ireland in time to celebrate St Patrick’s day.

for more info and updates visit their facebook page at