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NDH @ Alwinton – Race run 1

photos from the first race run at Alwinton. click image for full set as usual


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Fear not though. I’ll still be posting all my photos here too.



NDH #1 @ Alwinton – 2nd run

The title says it all. Here’s my full set of photos of the 2nd race run at Alwinton.

for 1st race run, podiums and sunday morning practice

as usual click through the image for more photos.


Northern Downhill 2012, round 1 @ Alwinton

I finally made it to my first downhill event of the year today. Great to be back on the scene again 🙂 Hopefully I’ll manage to make it to a few more events this year than I did last.

So, the event. Another fine production from the NDH team went off very smoothly for a first round of the season. The weather today was reasonably kind to us, with a few spots of rain here and there but never really coming to anything. The course on the otherhand was pretty muddy and throughout the day seemed to dry progrressively into a rather claggy mixture that I’m sure must’ve double the weight of the average DH bike by the time its pilot had wrestled it down the hill to the finish!

The eventual winner of the event was Elite rider Adam Brayton who blasted the course, posting 2:13 rides for both runs and beating his nearest rival (Jack Reading) by an impressive 9 and 5 seconds in respective runs.

That’s all for now. I’ll be posting more photos of the event over the coming days so keep an eye on this blog for more info. As usual, I’ll also be posting photos on and

Oh one last thing, I’d like to say thanks again to the wonderful chaps MTB Cut for supplying me with a brand new Lowepro Flipside 400 aw camera backpack. I won the bag just before christmas but today has been it’s first outing at an MTB event. I’d highly recomment this bag (or its new big brother the 500aw). It holds my (admittedly limited) gear without fuss and is more than comfortable for wearing all day on the hill. Plus there’s the added advantage that, as it’s a rear loading bag, if you do have to put it down to access any equipment you don’t have plonk the back and harness in the mud! Bonus! Cheers guys!