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The Witches’ Revenge 10km obstacle race, unedited photos

While many people would have spent easter morning at home enjoying novelty shaped chocolate offerings delivered by the easter bunny, a select (if you can call over 400 people select!) group of athletes (or nutters, you decide) were to be found lugging tyres round athletics tracks, jumping hurdles and running through water filled skips. These were just some of the delights that the organisers had in store for the competitors in the inaugural Witches Revenge 10km obstacles race that took place along the banks of the river lune in Lancaster today.

Ably assisted by my assistant photographer and helper today (aka my dad and fiancée) I was out and about trying to catch some of the carnage.

UPDATE: If you would like buy a photos from this event (or any other event for that matter) simply make a note of the flickr photo set name and the photo-id from your chosen photo(s) and click on the ‘buy photos’ link at the top of this page.

I’ve managed to get a selection of unedited photos up onto flickr so far (click on the photo above to see the full photoset) and will be working on getting all 1400+ photos up online over the next few days and will be launching my new sales platform too. In the meantime if you see anything you like just drop me a message using the enquiries link at the top of this page. All photos are for sale at a very reasonable price of £6 for a full sized digital image file.

For more information about the event check out the event page at www