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Le Terrier 2014

Well, It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here!

After a bit of a lull in my photography I’m back in action this weekend at Lancaster Cycling Club’s ‘Le Terrier’ Cyclo-sportive event. This is probably one of the more under-rated events around. I grew up riding these lanes and still use them as a benchmark to compare other areas by. You’ll struggle to find anywhere other than the most remote parts of Scotland with so little traffic on such fantastic roads. Beware though, they aren’t easy. Like it’s namesake, THIS RIDE BITES BACK!

I’ll be out on the course taking photos of riders in all 3 distance categories so look out for a bright green Punto with yours truly sat in the back!

Fingers crossed for better weather than when I rode the medium distance 2 years ago (it couldn’t be much worse anwyay!).

For more details on the event see The official le terrier website .