Farewell to the Glentress Hub

Glentress, October 2002, originally uploaded by mattmuir.co.uk.

While spending a weekend away in the Scottish border with my girlfriend, parents, and grandad I took the chance to pay one last visit to the Glentress Hub Cafe before it closes its doors for the very last time next sunday (27th November).

While enjoying a well earned lunch at the cafe I began reminiscing about previous visits to Glentress. The day I took this photo stood out particularly as we had started the ride in dense fog and prepared ourselves for a cold, damp ride, devoid of scenery. Then, as can be seen in this photo we suddenly popped up out of the mist to be greeted by a beautiful autumnal morning which stayed with us for the rest of the day.

Like many people I’ll definitely miss the atmosphere at the hub cafe and hope that the new cafe (when it gets customers – this weekend it appeared that at least 90% of the customers chose the old familiar cafe!) will at least enjoy some of that atmosphere.

I’d also like to wish Tracy, Emma and all the team at The Hub the very best for the future (whatever it may hold) and Thank them for the work they’ve done to make Glentress what it is!

As I mentioned earlier, The Hub will close its doors next sunday but word is they hope to go out with a bang and are planning a rock (‘n’ roll) Sunday where riders are encourages to dress up as their favourite rock stars. Time to head for the hills and pay them one last visit?

More info on their Facebook Page


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