Merry Christmas!

Well, I’m almost at the end of my second year as a freelance photographer. All in all it’s not been a bad year. I’ve had photos in a few magazines and newspapers and have had some great feedback from people at events I’ve attended. I’ve not done half as much MTB photography as I’d hoped to this year but that was mostly down to finances and travel costs.

Hopefully next year will be different. On the cycling scene, I’ll be trying to make it to as many round of the british downhill series and making my annual trip up to Fort William for the UCI MTB world cup and possibly squeezing in some cyclo cross, road racing and time trailing events along the way (I might event manage to ride some races myself this next year!).

Outside of the cycling world, I’ll be doing my usual thing of taking photos of pretty much anything and everything. I’m still quite interested in doing some band/gig photography at some point too so if you’re in a band in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, feel free to send me an email.

Merry Christmas Everyone and all the best for 2012!



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