Helen’s One Small Step – charity concert.

As some of you may know a friend of mine, Helen Convery has been doing a funraising challenge since the beginning of the year. Helen has Cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around. However, being a keen fundraiser for the British Paralympic association she has set herself the challenge of walking 13,000 steps, using a walking frame between the 1st of January 2012 and the end of the London Paralympic games on the 9th September.

During my time working for her as a personal assistant I have become heavilly involved in the challenge, using my photography skills to document her progress. Since finishing work for her I am trying to maintain my support by occasionally accompanying her on walks.

Recently however, a schoolteacher friend of hers, living down south has got on board, organising a charity concert at her school. the concert featured the winning song in a songwriting competition run for her pupils. The video below show above features photos from the concert, along with photos by yours truly and has this song, ‘one small step’ recorded at the concert as a backing track.

for more information on the challenge you can visit Helen’s blog which has links to her facebook and twitter pages along with her justgiving page (her main website is currently down for maintenance).


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