Lancaster Cycling club Salt Ayre Circuit Time Trials 27-06-2013

Every thursday evening during the Spring/sumer months, Salt Ayre cycle racing circuit is taken over by Lancaster Cycling club and The Cog Set Go-ride club for their weekly time trials. Normally when I’m over in Lancaster I’d be al lset to join in the races myself. Alas, I’m still recovering from surgery on my stomach at the moment so I thought I’d pop along armed with my trusty Canon D-Slr and as a certain rider put it ‘lurk in the bushes’. Thanks Tim!

Despite heavy rain for much of the afternoon the rain finally abated around an hour before the riders were due to start, resulting in a reasonable evening for time trialing (although a little challenging for taking photos due to the low light levels!).

As usual, click on the photo for the full set on Flickr and if you see one you like, make a note of the photo set name and individual photo ID and click on the ‘buy photos’ link at the top of this page.

I hope you all enjoy the photos and hopefully next time I’m at Salt Ayre I’ll have my alternative weapon of choice, my time trial bike with me 🙂


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